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High Blood Pressure

Reducing high blood pressure naturally

A specialist service for High Blood Pressure

Have you been diagnosed with essential or primary hypertension?

Are you looking for ways to lower your blood pressure naturally?

If the answer is yes, here is some information about my specialist support service for high blood pressure.

So let’s start by clarifying a few things about blood pressure.

What is high blood pressure?

If your blood pressure stays consistently too high over a period of time it is known as high blood pressure or ‘hypertension.’

Clinical guidelines define a blood pressure reading consistently higher than 140/90 mmHg as hypertension.

And what is essential or primary hypertension?

Over 90% of people with high blood pressure are diagnosed with essential or primary hypertension. This is where there is no physical cause for high blood pressure.

So if there is no physical reason, what causes high blood pressure?

A number of factors can all contribute to high blood pressure, commonly these are:

  • The health of your heart, arteries and kidneys
  • Your salt intake
  • How much exercise you take
  • How much alcohol your drink
  • Your weight
  • Your emotional stress levels

Emotional and environmental factors are often hidden.

And you may well be totally unaware of them as they are at a subconscious level.

When the subconscious mind perceives a threat it triggers the body’s natural stress response, the fight or flight response.

This over-stimulation of the stress response can cause your subconscious to be in a constant state of hyper-vigilance, raising your blood pressure.

So what support is available if you want to lower your blood pressure naturally?

The Hypnotension™ programme is a hypnosis based approach designed specifically for people diagnosed with primary hypertension.

The creators of this specialist support programme, Paul Howard and Rob Woodgate explain more in this video:

So here’s how I can help you:

My name is Sally, I have trained with Hypnotension and I am a Certified Hypnotension Practitioner working in Worcester.

If you are looking to reduce your high blood pressure and want specialist therapy to do this, give me a call at Inner Mind Therapies in Worcester on 07890 964288.

We can then book you a complimentary consultation.

Other Resources: Here is a link to sign up to receive my free information guide about hypertension which includes some questions to get you thinking about what is contributing to your high blood pressure.

To book a complimentary consultation, contact Sally now on 07890 964288.   

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