About Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy may be helpful to you if you are seeking relief from a health-related, psychological or emotional issue.

Hypnotherapy combines talking therapy and other therapeutic techniques with hypnosis.

It works alongside your inner resources, willpower and motivation to seek a desired goal.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for:

  • clearing subconscious blocks or inner obstacles
  • creating a positive mental mindset
  • promoting emotional and physical healing
  • working through negative thinking patterns or beliefs, such as not feeling good enough

For examples of areas I work with, please visit this page.

Hypnosis with Inner Mind Therapies Worcester

Focused Relaxation and Positive Suggestions

About Hypnosis:

So now you know a bit more about Hypnotherapy, what happens when you are in hypnosis?

You may be apprehensive about hypnosis because you don’t know what to expect or imagine what might happen, such as being ‘put under’.

Hypnosis involves trance, or focused relaxation  - I guide you into this natural state whilst you are sitting or lying comfortably with your eyes closed.

Whilst in trance you are physically relaxed but mentally alert.

For some typical Q&A about sessions or to sample a short relaxing visualisation follow this link.

Hypnotherapy Sessions: Sessions are 1:1 either face to face or online following a complimentary consultation, and I offer a 4 session package at a set price.

What to do next:

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