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Fertility Hypnosis

Have you been trying for a baby for a while now but nothing is happening and you’re getting really worked up and stressed out about it?

Are you exhausted by the crushing disappointment and pain each month of not being pregnant?

Do you feel confused, bereft and helpless by a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’? And maybe deep down you know there is something holding you back, but you just can’t work out what it is.

Have you got a constant niggle that’s making you doubt you will ever have a child or another child?

Are you about to start IVF but you know your head isn’t in the right place to get the best out the treatment?

If any of this is ringing true with you and you’ve longing to have a baby, I can help you.

Most of my clients come to see me because trying to get pregnant or infertility treatment is making them feel anxious or fearful, and this is where my specialism, anxiety and fertility go hand in hand.

A Fertile Mindset:

Fertility is more than a physical matter, it also involves your mindset and emotional state.

Your reproductive system is delicate and needs a fine mind-body balance to work well.

This can get thrown off course by:

  • high anxiety or stress levels
  • fears about medical treatments, pregnancy, child-birth or parenthood
  • unresolved past emotional experiences, including termination or miscarriage
  • negative self-beliefs – i.e – not being good enough/not deserving to be parent
  • lack of confidence in your body
  • deep seated or subconscious blocks
  • health and lifestyle factors

Improving Your Chances of Conceiving: As an easibirthing practitioner my approach to your fertility works with you holistically to help you feel calmer, resilient and more confident so you are in the best emotional, psychological and physical state to conceive.

This can be at any stage of your fertility journey, whether it’s natural fertility, during infertility and IVF treatmentpregnancy and post birth.

Sessions are face to face or online so you can work with me in the comfort of your home. I offer a 4 session package at a set price.

Call Sally on 07890 964288 at Inner Mind Therapies to book a complimentary consultation.