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Overcome Your Interview Nerves

Welcome to my Help for the Week post.

This time we are focusing on interview nerves, although what we cover can also be applied to presentation and exam nerves.

If you’ve been following my blog on Warrior, Settler and Nomad, I going to talking about how I can use this approach to help you with interview nerves.

Feeling nervous before an interview isn’t unusual as it’s the body getting ‘up’ for something where we need to be alert, and performing to the best of our ability. In fact we need this adrenaline to get us going.

However for some these nerves can feel overwhelming and disarming.

An extreme nervousness can kick in a few days before the interview so you’re all out of sorts and worked up by the time of the interview.

Maybe you feel hot and bothered, sweaty or clammy, your heart is racing or your legs are shaking, and you’re not sleeping well.

And when it comes to the actual interview that anxiety gets even worse – your mind goes blank, the words get muddled up, you speak mega quickly or can’t speak at all and get tongue tied. All that information in your brain feels inaccessible and you just can’t be you.

And you don’t do yourself justice in the interview and feel awful about it afterwards.

Sound familiar?

This is an issue I’ve worked with many, many times.

One approach I use which isn’t hypnosis based is the WSN approach which can really help where there is a conflict between the part of you that wants to do well in the interview and get that job or promotion, and the part that has come to believe that you just can’t to interviews, you just get too nervous.

Whatever your archetype, Warrior or Settler, key to the approach is helping you to connect with your Nomad.

And why is this, you ask?

Nomads are expressive, love performing and being the centre of attention so doing an interview is like water off a ducks back to them.

Nomads like talking, telling stories, are creative and innovative and have an abundance of energy, so have excellent attributes and skills for an interview situation.

Nomads also don’t think too much, they are quite laid back and like to get on with things so don’t tend to over-worry.

So you can see from this why the Nomad would excel in interviews, exams or presentation situations.

So how do you get into Nomad mode? Well that’s where I come in and guide you to connect with and develop these Nomad traits that already exist in you so you feel calm, confident and enthused before and during the interview.

If you’d like my help for exam, interview or presentation nerves, give me a call on 07890 964288.

I can work with you face to face in Worcester or via online video call.

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