Happy Customers

Hypnotherapy for Self-Confidence with Inner MInd Therapies

Feeling Good

Here are some examples of feedback I’ve received over the years from happy customers who have worked with me:

Emotional Eating/Self-Esteem:

SP – “Thank you for the CD
you sent me, it is a great help and very restful. I am into the last two
days of my diet and as of this morning I have lost 8 1/2 lbs since I started 12 days ago. I have not cheated or faltered and have not been tempted by working with food. It has outshone my expectations beyond belief. I can only say you have changed me for the better and I am thrilled.”

For anxiety/loss of confidence:

CB – sessions helped me to “reach calm waters” and working with Sally was like a “constant journey…things you didn’t think are related to your issues actually are…..which allows you to pass the immediate into the broader issues and to address things better.”

SM – after seeing Sally and having other support “I’m feeling calmer, more positive, less angry and more myself than I can ever remember”.

For anxiety/depression:

MR – “Having experienced several negative major life events in a short period of time that led to anxiety and depressive episodes I had many sessions with Sally to work through these issues.  Sally provides an extremely relaxing and calming environment.  Because of this I felt very comfortable speaking openly and candidly about my feelings and emotions. I truly believe that my life has changed so much for the better thanks to the sessions with Sally, she has provided me with everyday techniques to help me through a number of issues.”

SD – “firstly I would like to thank you for helping me back into a normal frame of mind, prior to having our meetings I couldn’t remember what normal was due to being anxious/depressed for several years. I thought I could beat it alone then realised I needed help. Thanks to a friend who recommended you. We had our first meeting, I felt very comfortable with you and the therapy, I could almost see from the off this was the right route for me to take. I can say I am now 9.5 (out of 10) now four months on and that is thanks to you Sally. My life’s good, I can sleep, eat and enjoy the children growing, work is no longer an unhappy place to go to, I treat it as more of a challenge these days. Thank you once more, what you did for me was sincerely life changing.”

And you can read other comments I’ve received in the reviews section of my facebook page.

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