Guided meditation to release negative feelings

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Let negativity go with this free visualisation

If you’ve got stuck in a negative mode or have been feeling out of sorts emotionally for a while, this post is for you.

Give this simple exercise and free guided meditation a go and get the benefits of doing something positive to help yourself.

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed with negativity is a horrible place to be – but there are things you can do to get out of this hypnotic loop replaying in your mind. It may take a bit of commitment to some self-care but over time you will get a shift.

So there are two parts to this exercise.

Firstly, take a blank piece of paper and divide it into two columns, on the left head it with ‘negative feelings’ and the other column with ‘positive feelings’.

Then spend some time writing down under the left hand column negative feelings you’ve been experiencing and that you’d like to be rid of. Examples could be anger, anxiety, despair, fear, fatigue, hurt, jealously, loss, pain, panic, stress, tension, worry.

Under the other column add the positives you’d like to be feeling that are the opposite to the negative – for example, calmness instead of  worry, or relaxed instead of tension.

This process will help you to recognise the negative feelings, and also the shift in direction you want to make.

Suppressed emotion can contribute to anxiety so letting this emotion go is an important step towards feeling better.

Use your breath during meditation to work on releasing these feelings and breathing in the positives.

Here is a link where you can download a free meditation I have recorded in which I guide you through a breathing technique and visualisation to help you relax, let go and recharge your energy in a positive way. It has some gentle music playing in the background.

This is a standardised meditation but there is time at the end to let go of the specific emotions you want to work on, so it is best to do the above exercise first so you know what these are.

If you like this meditation, repeat it once a day to keep shifting the balance in favour of the positives.

Over time you may notice that you are working with this meditation at a deep level, and that you start to make connections with what’s at the root of how you’ve been feeling.

This awareness can be empowering and help you to make other positive changes.

I hope you find it helpful.

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