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On this page you will find free resources to help you start the process of change with different issues I work with.

Calm Your Mind Hypnosis Audio:

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with worry, or just can’t stop overthinking things, could you commit to giving yourself 20 minutes on a regular basis to do something positive for you?

If the answer is yes, get my free 20 minute hypnosis audio to help you start the process of calming your mind and body with breathing, relaxation and mindset techniques.

Here’s the link to sign up to download the audio:

Free Calming Hypnosis Audio

For A Calm Mind Audio










Free Information Guide on High Blood Pressure:

If you’ve been diagnosed with primary high blood pressure, sign up here for my free guide for information about hypertension, the lifestyle and emotional stresses that may be contributing, and how a hypnosis based approach can help lower your blood pressure naturally.

High Blood Pressure

Reducing high blood pressure naturally











Fertility Related Resource:

From my book ‘The Infertility Experience‘:

The Infertility Experience

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Fertility Wheel - a free pictorial tool to assess lifestyle and health factors which may be affecting your fertility. To download your free Fertility Wheel PDF please click here

How to Use:The Wheel is divided into 8 sections, each with a different heading. With the centre of the wheel being 0 (0 = not satisfied/poor) and the outer edge being 10 (10 = satisfied/optimum) decide a score for where things are for you right now with each area. Then draw a line across the section to reflect this score. Do this for each section. Choose 2 areas where there is a low score to focus on and make some changes to benefit your fertility.

Guided Meditation to Release Negativity and Strengthen Positivity:

If you got stuck in a rut with negativity, have a read of my blog with a link where you can sign up to download my free 10 minute guided meditation.

Help for Anxiety with Inner Mind Therapies Worcester

Positive Resources Meditation











Abdominal Breathing

Sign up here for my free short recording guiding you through this breathing technique to return you to calm.

Warrior, Settler, Nomad

Find out more about this approach and whether you are a Warrior, Settler or Nomad in my blog series:

Blog One   Blog Two   Blog Three


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