Cut down comfort eating with Hypnotherapy in Worcester

If you live in Worcestershire and you have a ‘yo-yo’ relationship with food, losing weight and then putting it on again, there is a very good chance Hypnotherapy could help you. Perhaps you are about to start a new slimming plan but … Continue reading

How to beat those sugar cravings with Hypnotherapy

This post covers the issue of emotional eating, some tips to deal with it, and specifically how Hypnotherapy can help with cravings. covers this issue in and distinguishes between physical eating (i.e. when you are hungry) and emotional eating. Emotional … Continue reading

How to stop over-eating and lose weight

With Christmas on the horizon, many people already conscious of their weight dread putting on even more weight during this season of potential excesses. If this is you, this article includes a practical, everyday tip to help you avoid over-indulging … Continue reading