12 top tips for National Self-Care Week 2017

Self-care is very much integral to my work as a Hypnotherapist helping people with anxiety. Part of my approach includes teaching different ways to manage anxiety. These include how to breathe to trigger the body’s natural relaxation rather than stress … Continue reading

What is EFT and how can it help me?

If you live in Worcestershire and are interested in knowing more about tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique and how it can help release blocks and fears, and clear cravings, then please read on. Tapping is gaining every growing international recognition as a therapy … Continue reading

How self-hypnosis helped me relax during dental treatment

I don’t know about you but I don’t like going to the dentist, it usually fills me with dread and foreboding………….. but not from now on! Here’s how I helped myself using the same techniques I use as a Hypnotherapist … Continue reading

How to reduce your anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Worcester

Anxiety is back in the news again. This post summarises a recent BBC article about ‘tech for stress’, technological developments offering non-medicated approaches for reducing anxiety and stress. Pip is one of a range of stress-management gadgets produced by Galvanic. It … Continue reading

Learn self-hypnosis to help yourself with Inner Mind Therapies in Worcester

With some much in the news recently about emotional and mental health, learning how to use self-help techniques to take care of yourself is important for emotional well-being and resilience. And self-care is a more empowering approach than medication. It … Continue reading