Counselling for Confidence in Worcester

If you are looking for a dynamic counselling service in Worcester for confidence related issues, you are in the right place. WSN is a unique form of counselling created and developed by Terence Watts, an internationally reputed professional therapist WSN … Continue reading

A Warm Welcome to Inner Mind Therapies in Worcester

A warm welcome to my Inner Mind Therapies website. Here you will find information about all my online Hypnotherapy services focused on emotional and fertility well-being.  I work with in particular with anxiety, fears, unresolved grief, infertility, sleep problems and stress. And … Continue reading

Fire up your festive spirits with rejuvenating Hypnotherapy in Worcester

December 2014 Special Offer – Fire up your festive spirits Now that one of the busiest month’s of the year has arrived, treat yourself or a family member to a relaxing Hypnotherapy session in Worcester to rejuvenate and revitalise you, … Continue reading

Tired of not sleeping? Get help in Worcester to sleep well

Not getting enough sleep or repeatedly having a wakeful night is quite literally exhausting. You get up feeling worn out before you have even got started! The reasons for not sleeping can vary. It can be to do with physical … Continue reading

Learn self-hypnosis to help yourself with Inner Mind Therapies in Worcester

With some much in the news recently about emotional and mental health, learning how to use self-help techniques to take care of yourself is important for emotional well-being and resilience. And self-care is a more empowering approach than medication. It … Continue reading