Are you struggling with over-thinking?

Hypnotherapy Help for Anxiety with Inner Mind Therapies

Hypnotherapy for a calm mind

Are you an over-thinker?

Do you spend most of your time living in your head unable to enjoy the moment?

Do you endlessly churn over negative thoughts in your mind that keep you stuck in fear and inaction?

Do you procrastinate and faff about, or repeatedly stall on decisions?

Are you always imagining the worst case scenario which means you avoid or shy away from them, and doubt your ability to cope?

You may not call it this or recognise it as this, but it’s anxiety that generates this kind of thinking.

The thoughts absolutely feel like a reality, they keep us stuck, frustrated, weighed down, held back, going round and round in a vicious cycle, eating away at our confidence and self-belief.

It can be an overwhelming and draining experience, using up precious mental energy , wearing us down and making you feel exhausted and tensed up.

Perhaps you even feel you’ve lost yourself in the quagmire of anxiety.

But it really doesn’t have to be this way.

Because the truth is THOUGHTS ARE JUST THOUGHTS.

And when you understand and get this, you are free.

You have always had plenty of other thoughts too: enabling, inspiring and creative thoughts that come to you in a quiet way from a calm place inside you. But most of the time you probably just don’t notice them or dumb them down, paying attention instead to the anxious ones, due to conditioning, beliefs and habit.

And you really do have a bunch of positive resources to deal positively with the situations you dread and run away from, you just lost sight of this.

The thoughts that come from your inner wisdom are part of the magical way forward, and I can help you along this journey.

So if you’re had enough and are ready to invest in yourself, I can help you.

You may like to begin by signing up here for my free 20 minute audio to kick start a process of change.

Or if you prefer to work with me on a one to one basis I can help you to get past anxiety, calm your mind, learn to listen to your inspiring and empowering thoughts, reconnect with your positive resources and believe in yourself, which will enable you to live your life on your terms, to discover your true self, to do the things you’ve been dreaming of doing, and to go about your life in a more joyful, confident and relaxed way.

I offer a 4 session package at a discounted price.

If this is of interest to you, message me or give me a ring on 07890 964288 to arrange a complimentary consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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