Are you a Warrior, Settler or Nomad?

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Warrior, Settler, Nomad?

Are you a Warrior, Settler or Nomad?

Many years ago I did the wonderful Warrior, Settler, Nomad training with Terence Watts, even today it is my very favourite course.

I have found WSN coaching a really helpful approach when working with people with anxiety, particularly when this is causing some inner conflict.

It also enables me to work with you in the best way to suit your personality when using hypnosis for anxiety.

I love that it can help you to understand yourself better and the behaviour of others.

So what is Warrior, Settler and Nomad all about, I can hear you ask?

In brief, the human race as it is has been around for approximately 100,00 years. There were 2 main genetic streams originally, hunters and gatherers, or Warriors and Nomads. When the first settlements arrived there were then 3 – Settlers being the third genetic stream.

These streams of genetic information survived through time to combine in one single cell that eventually became you. Or to put it another way, there are 3 primary personality types which can create each of us an individuals, our natural way of being inherited from our ancient ancestors – Warrior, Settler or Nomad, or in some people an equal combination of all three.

You can read more in this link to Terence Watts’ brand new website, and watch Terence speaking about WSN in the video on the home page.

Warrior, Settler, Nomad each have distinctive personality traits, no one is better than the other and each have their strengths and drivers.

You will be one of these, even though you will have learnt over time the behaviours of the other personalities – for example, from your parents or from handling certain situations. But your natural way of being remains the same.

So I wonder which one you are?

Today I am going to introduce you to the Warrior.

The Warrior is a natural leader, forceful, methodical, analytical, organised, resolute, a rapid thinker able to see the nub of an argument, perceptive, a quick thinker with lots of determination, they don’t suffer fool’s lightly or ‘like airy fairy stuff’ or a lack of emotional control. They like order and logic, and can be pragmatic. They like to see things through to their logical conclusion.

The Warrior can sometimes be impatient, and come across as sarcastic and rude. They may have a strong moral code or be stubborn.

They like to take control and be in control. This is very important to them.

So that’s the Warrior, exuding strength and tenacity.

Do you recognise these behaviours in someone you know or even in yourself?

With Brexit being some much at the forefront at the moment, here are some examples of Warriors in the current political field! I would say Jacob Rees-Mogg is a Warrior, calm and logical (whether or not you agree with his views), and Theresa May, determined and tenacious, leading from the front in contentious times.

If you are a Settler in a relationship with a Warrior you are likely to be attracted to their resolute and steadfast nature. Warriors ‘stick to their guns’ and stay strong in the face of challenge, rather than waver or procrastinate as Settlers tend to do.

If you are a Nomad in a relationship with a Warrior you probably welcome their firmness and organisation at times.

Find out in my later posts how Warriors get on with Settlers and Nomads.

Next time I’m going to be talking specifically about the Settler, so see you then for more on Warrior, Settler and Nomad.

Or if you are interested in WSN counselling for anxiety with me, contact me on 07890 964288.

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