Are you a Warrior, Settler or Nomad – part 3

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Warrior, Settler, Nomad?

Are you a Warrior, Settler or Nomad, part 3.

In my first article on Warrior, Settler, Nomad I introduced the origins of these 3 archetypes and the theory behind Terence Watts’ Warrior, Settler and Nomad.

Here’s the link to Terence’s brand new website and video with  Terence speaking about WSN, and the accompanying book if you’d like to read more.

And last week we looked at the Settler archetype, intuitive and kind.

This week we are featuring the Nomad.

Nomad are charismatic, innovative, mercurial even, full of energy and enthusiasm, good communicators who tell jokes or do imitations, and will light up a party.

They love to be active and on the go, and have something going on, good or bad, and to try out new things. They live life to the full.

They are individualistic, zany even, and can certainly be expensive to maintain.

They are ‘mood’ people and they will let you know exactly what kind of mood they are in, full of beans or down in the dumb.

They like to have something happening and get bored easy by routine or a lack of any action. They can feel trapped if stuck indoors for too long with nothing to do.

They can be unreliable and inconsistent, flitting from one thing to another.

If you are a Warrior in a relationship with a Nomad you will probably like their sense of fun and enthusiasm for life.

If you are a Settler in a relationship with a Nomad you will find their brightness, optimism and energy attractive.

Find out in my previous posts how Nomad get on with Warriors and Settlers.

So we’ve now looked at the Warrior, Settler and Nomad. Have you worked out which one of these archetypes is your natural personality yet?

If you’re not sure, you could use this tool here to find out for yourself

And you can read more in this link to a page on Terence Watts’ website.

If you are feeling stuck with anxiety but know deep down you can be different, WSN counselling can really help you understand yourself and the reason for this conflict. Here is an example in this blog about interview nerves.

It can show you how to connect with the different archetype attributes, and develop a better balance between your Warrior, Settler and Nomad so you don’t get stuck with anxiety again.

If you are interested in WSN counselling for anxiety with me, contact me on 07890 964288. 

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