Are you A Warrior, Settler, Nomad part 2?

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Warrior,Settler, Nomad?

Are you a Warrior, Settler or Nomad, part 2.

In my first article on Warrior, Settler, Nomad I introduced the origins of these 3 archetypes and the theory behind Terence Watts’ Warrior, Settler and Nomad.

Here’s the link to his website and the accompanying book if you’d like to read more.

And last week we looked at the Warrior archetype, resolute and determined.

This week we are featuring the Settler.

Settlers are caring, insightful, intuitive, communicative, team players, good with people, community minded, see the best in people. They tend to doubt themselves, be indecisive and lack assertiveness, and take criticism personally.

They may withdraw or even be moody if they perceive they have been rejected or misunderstood.

Settlers can also be ‘people pleasers’, often saying ‘yes’ to things when they mean ‘no’ and then resenting it afterwards! They like things to be peaceful and settled, they really aren’t comfortable with conflict and tension.

Whilst they are good with people they also like time to themselves to recoup and peaceful activities such as reading or being in nature to replenish their souls.

Settlers are empathetic and understand the needs of others, but often neglect their own needs. They have a big heart and are often very kind, giving people.

Being really good readers of other people’s emotions, they expect others to be mind readers like them and know exactly how they are feeling without telling them anything, and can then get hurt when this isn’t the case.

If you are a Warrior in a relationship with a Settler you will probably like the kind, fair-minded and ‘soft’ nature of the Settler.

If you are a Nomad in a relationship with a Settler you will find their compassionate and intuitive abilities attractive.

Find out in my later posts how Settlers get on with Warriors and Nomads.

I am a Settler myself, hence me enjoying working with people, and I understand Settlers very well. I also have strong Warriors and numerous Nomads among my family and friends so understand what makes them tick equally well.

Next time I’m going to be talking specifically about the Nomad, so see you then for more on Warrior, Settler and Nomad.

And if you are struggling with anxiety right now, you may have recognised that settlers can be worriers so this aspect of your personality may be contributing to your anxiety.

If you are feeling stuck with anxiety but know deep down you can be different, WSN counselling can really help you understand yourself and the reason for this conflict.

It can show you how to connect with the attributes of your Warrior and Nomad, and develop a better balance between your Warrior, Settler and Nomad so you don’t get stuck with anxiety again.

If you are interested in WSN counselling for anxiety with me, contact me on 07890 964288. 

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