Hypnotherapy Help For Anxiety

Hypnotherapy Help for Anxiety

Overcome Your Anxiety 

Anxiety can be a mean beast when it’s intense or persistent.

Maybe you don’t call it anxiety – it’s a pounding heart, a squeamish or clenched stomach, an adrenaline spike that makes you want to hide away or avoid a particular situation.

Or perhaps it’s your whirling mind that just can’t stop worrying and analysing, always imagining the worst in every situation with that over-active imagination of yours that keeps you lying awake at night fretting about this and that.

Or that feeling of dread, edgy nervousness, panic or fearfulness that stops you in your tracks.

Anxiety is when we perceive a threat unknowingly which triggers the stress response, or flight or fight, combined with a belief that we can’t cope with this situation – and this makes us feel paralyzed or stuck with fear.

Often we don’t know why we react this way or it doesn’t seem rational, but you are fed up with it.

I know you feel alone, sick in the stomach, breathless with nerves, engulfed by an adrenaline wave, trapped by your anxiety, waiting for the wheels to fall off or that thin line between coping and not coping to be broken.

You’ve tried to ‘get a grip’ but it’s just not working, and you can feel ‘you’ slipping even further away.

But it really doesn’t have to be like that.

Things can be different.

You can have a calm mind.

You can take back control and get the better of that anxiety beast.

You can silence those critical thoughts, ease your nerves and feel bold.

You can face situations, you can be confident, you can feel good about you.

You can do those things you dreamed of doing… can be free and life can feel easier and lighter.

And I can help you make this magical switch.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful way to work with anxiety so that it softens and fades away, things that seemed like a massive deal in the past feel much easier, and that tense, nervous feeling is replaced by a growing calm confidence that makes life feels better, lighter, more open, with greater possibilities.

Anxiety can impact you in many different ways so here are examples of services I offer:

Hypnotherapy Help for Anxiety and Stress in Worcester

Hypnotherapy to Dissolve Your Anxiety


Specific or Generalised Anxiety

4 sessions for specific anxiety and fears such as anxiety relating to exams, flying, interviews, presentations, driving test, social situations, sports performance.

Or if you have been diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder ( GAD)

4 session package – £320.00


Hypnotherapy for Infertility Anxiety

Hypnotherapy help for fertility related anxiety




Fertility Anxiety

4 sessions for anxiety and stress relating to not being able to get pregnant, dealing with the uncertainty of fertility tests, or going through infertility treatment, including IVF or ICSI

4 session package – £320.00


Postpartum Anxiety

Hypnotherapy Help for Postpartum Anxiety

Hypnotherapy help for Sleep Difficulties

Hypnotherapy help for Sleep Difficulties

High Blood Pressure

Reducing high blood pressure naturally with hypnosis



Postpartum Anxiety

If you had a very difficult birth, have had repeated miscarriages or are finding the transition to parenthood very stressful, I offer my 4 session personalised package to reduce your anxiety and stress, stop fearful, obsessive or perfectionist thinking, build confidence and a more peaceful mindset.

4 session package – £320.00



Anxiety and Sleep

Anxiety may be causing you to worry excessively at night and keep your brain on high alert, preventing you from sleeping

Or if may be not being able to get to sleep or stay asleep is causing you anxiety.

Either way hypnotherapy can help you sleep well with my 4 session personalised package – £320.00





Hypnotherapy for High Blood Pressure

If you have been diagnosed with primary hypertension, work with me using Hypnotension approach to identify and address lifestyle and subconscious anxiety/stress factors contributing to your high blood pressure.

Includes assessment and sessions personalised to your needs to help your lower your blood pressure naturally. Here’s a link to more information and a free resource.

4 session package – £320.00

Hypnotherapy in Worcester to help with anxiety and pain

Hypnotherapy Help for anxiety relating to injury, pain or surgery


Learn Self Hypnosis for Positive Change

Learn Self-Hypnosis


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Pain Management Relating to Injury or Pain

One to one support if you are struggling with anxiety and pain as a result of diagnosed injury or chronic pain, prior to and after surgery or during rehabilitation.

Dealing with uncertainty, restrictions on what you can do, high  or persistent levels of pain, the prospect of surgery and the ups and downs of post operation recovery can affect your energy, confidence, self-esteem, mood, motivation, mindset and relationships.

6 session package of personalised support to include pain relief, pain management, healing and rehabilitation as needed – £480.00



Learn Self- Hypnosis for Anxiety

Self-hypnosis used regularly can be a powerful tool to promote self care and create a blueprint in your mind for the changes you want to make in your personal or professional life.

Session including coaching to Identify and set your health and wellbeing goals. Then learn how to harness the powers of self-hypnosis to reduce stress and anxiety, connect with your personal resources such as confidence and motivation, and mentally rehearse your positive future self.

2 sessions – £160.00


If you have had enough of anxiety ruling your life and want to feel calm, confident and empowered, let me help you with my Hypnotherapy services.

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