About Sally

Do you long to feel calm and good about yourself but anxiety is holding you back?

Sally Coombs - Hypnotherapist for Anxiety, Grief and Fertility - Inner Mind Therapies

If so I can help you as I’ve been there myself.

Introducing Sally: My name is Sally Coombs and I’m passionate about helping people who are feeling stuck with anxiety-related issues.

My own personal experience of Hypnotherapy quite literally changed my life.

I had been feeling totally bogged down.

Then in the middle of a Hypnotherapy session I had that light bulb moment, a switch flicked and things unlocked.

This inspired me to re-train and become a Hypnotherapist.

I went on to win the APHP Best Newcomer to Hypnotherapy Award in 2011.

And then I started this business to facilitate that light bulb moment for you, and have focused on working with anxiety ever since.

I love seeing the huge difference it can make and the transformations individuals make.

What’s it like to work with me: Sessions involve us working together.

We start by spending some of the time talking through what’s going on for you now.

I am interested in your individual experience of anxiety.

This means more than your anxiety symptoms but also what’s getting in your way.

We explore what changes you’d like to make and what these would mean for you and your life.

And then we continue this process of change at a deeper level.

For this I use hypnosis, a state of relaxed focus.

It’s like going a pleasant mental journey and I’m your guide.

After working with me in a session people I have worked with have described feeling “very relaxed”, “calm”, “positive”, “energised”, “like there’s been a shift” and “a key to a door in my mind that was previously locked has now been opened”.

We use follow up sessions to continue to clear the fears, unlock the blocks and transform your inner self.

And when we do this there is a powerful breakthrough.

The light bulb quite literally goes on for you and the fog clears.

Then with a calm, clear, positive mind you can break free and move forward.

You can read examples of real feedback I’ve had from people I’ve worked with here.

If this is what you are looking for, call me now on 07890 964288 to book a complimentary consultation.

To book a complimentary consultation, contact Sally now on 07890 964288.