National Fertility Awareness Week 2015

Did you know that 2-8 November is National Fertility Awareness Week 2015 organised by the Infertility Network UK? The aim of this week is to increase awareness about infertility and its impact, and to encourage more openness about fertility. 1 … Continue reading

Good News For Natural Fertility!

If you’ve been trying for a baby for some time but it’s just not happened yet, here’s some new research findings which could well be of interest to you. Amid the many conflicting messages out now about fertility, finally some … Continue reading

Help for Pregnancy Loss with Inner Mind Therapies

9 -15 October 2015 is Baby Loss Awareness Week in the UK, supported by a number of charities to raise awareness about the many families who have experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy or birth, or shortly after birth. The heart-breaking … Continue reading

Anxiety Reducing Tip for October 2015

If you are struggling with anxiety or stress over-whelm, each month I do a blog with different anxiety reducing tips so you have a tool-kit of self-help strategies. This October’s blog is jam packed with ideas on how to use your mind for … Continue reading