New Complimentary Information Guide about Hypertension

Available now to download or view for free is my brand new information guide “Making Sense of Your Blood Pressure”. This is specifically written for you if you have essential or primary hypertension. It may be that you have recently … Continue reading

How to help yourself during the IVF ‘two week wait’

Tips for managing the IVF ‘two week wait’. IVF can be a very challenging experience both emotionally and physically. Each stage of the IVF cycle can throw up different hurdles and predicaments for couples. And if you have got through … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy in Worcester for fears and phobias

If you live in the Worcester area and your life is being affected by a phobia or deep seated fear, read on to find out how Hypnotherapy can help. There’s a difference between fears and phobias. Fear causes alarm, anxiety, even panic. … Continue reading

Anxiety Reducing Tip for June 2015

Do you wake up regularly feeling anxious, overwhelmed, nauseous or dreading the day ahead? If so, here’s my June self- help tip for managing your anxiety. It’s all how you begin your day mentally. Starting off with a positive and … Continue reading