What is EFT and how can it help me?

If you live in Worcestershire and are interested in knowing more about tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique and how it can help release blocks and fears, and clear cravings, then please read on. Tapping is gaining every growing international recognition as a therapy … Continue reading

Cut down comfort eating with Hypnotherapy in Worcester

If you live in Worcestershire and you have a ‘yo-yo’ relationship with food, losing weight and then putting it on again, there is a very good chance Hypnotherapy could help you. Perhaps you are about to start a new slimming plan but … Continue reading

Making sense of your blood pressure reading

If you have been medically diagnosed with high blood pressure, this can come as a big shock. Perhaps you were having medical investigations for something entirely different and along the way it was identified that your blood pressure was high, … Continue reading

How self-hypnosis helped me relax during dental treatment

I don’t know about you but I don’t like going to the dentist, it usually fills me with dread and foreboding………….. but not from now on! Here’s how I helped myself using the same techniques I use as a Hypnotherapist … Continue reading

Pregnancy support with Hypnotherapy in Worcester

So you’re pregnant and you’re over the moon. Your precious little one is on the way. But sometime isn’t feeling quite right. Maybe you have a tough time getting pregnant, were told you wouldn’t be able to conceive and weren’t … Continue reading