Stuck with Anxiety?

Has anxiety dug its claws into you and now you’re stuck in a cycle of anxiousness and low mood? 

Have irrational worries taken over your mind? Does your pulse race, your stomach clench up, or your mind freeze in panic?

Sally Coombs - Hypnotherapist - Inner Mind Therapies

Welcome from Sally Coombs, anxiety relieving Hypnotherapist

Or is anxiety always there – you can’t stop fretting, constantly over-think things, imagine the worst with that over-active imagination of yours, or toss and turn at night, unable to switch off?

I know you feel alone, sick in the stomach, breathless with nerves, engulfed by an adrenaline wave, trapped by your anxiety, waiting for the wheels to fall off or that thin line between coping and not coping to be broken.

You’ve tried to ‘get a grip’ but it’s just not working, and you can feel ‘you’ slipping even further away.

But it really doesn’t have to be like that.

Things can be different.

You can have a calm mind.

You can take back control and get the better of that anxiety beast.

You can silence those critical thoughts, ease your nerves and feel bold.

You can face situations, you can be confident, you can feel good about you.

You can do those things you dreamed of doing… can be free and life can feel easier and lighter.

And I can help you make this magical switch.

Empowering Hypnotherapy To Dissolve Anxiety and Re-build Confidence

My name is Sally Coombs and I’m an award winning Hypnotherapist, specialising in help for anxiety.

I am here to use my expertise and experience to work with you through a process of change to get over anxiety and re-discover a lightness of spirit and enjoyment of life.

Not sure where to start?

Let me guide you.

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I hope you find something of use to you. I look forward to helping you sparkle and shine.


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